I am a teacher who has taught for a number of years in Singapore and in New Zealand. I teach Physics and Chemistry at the high school and college level.
I have developed a fascination in the application of ICT in Science Education especially  in the use of moving graphics (such as animated gifs) in the teaching of Science.
I am a holder of a Bachelor's Degree (Hons.), Diploma in Education, Masters Degree in Material Science and Engineering and  I have recently completed  a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology in Education.

This is a photo of me at the Materials Science Laboratory at the
National University of Singapore (1999).

1. B.Sc (Hons): Chemistry -1978

2. Diploma in Education - 1979

3. M.Sc: Materials Science and Engineering - 1998
    Courses completed under M.Sc programme:
     a) Materials Characterisation
     b) Advanced Ceramic Materials
     c) Semiconductor Epitaxial technology
     d) Engineering Plastics & Composite Materials
     e) Structure and Properties of Materials
     f) Corrosion of Materials
     g) Advanced Concrete Technology
     h) Vacuum & Plasma Technology for Microelectronics
     i) Electronic Materials & Processing Technology
     M.Sc Research Project:
     Photoelastic Analysis of Composite Dental Posts.

4. Postgraduate Diploma in IT in Education - 2000
Courses completed under GDITE programme:
    a. IT Tools for teachers- Introduction
    b. IT Tools for teachers - Advance
    c. Publishing for Teachers and Students
    d.The Impact of IT ( Ethical, Societal)
    e. Computer Network (including basic System Analysis)
    f.  Development/Implementation of School IT Policy
    g. Developing WWW Pages for Educational Use (Merit)
    h. Evaluation of IT in the Curriculum
    i.  IT and the Learning Process (Merit)
    j.  Using Multimedia in the classroom (Merit)

Richard L.S.Tai


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